Junior's Club - The Place Where Learning is Fun!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Educational Toys, Books, Games and CDs, your official toy library, book library and the perfect place to find extracurricular fun-filled activities all rolled into one!. We at Junior's Club aim to provide fun filled education & amusement to your young ones, beyond traditional reading and writing. Our carefully selected range of Toys, Games and Books stirs imagination, stimulates creativity and spontaneity, encourages the free flow of thoughts and improves the power of observation & concentration, your little ones will be able to enjoy and learn at the same time. As a child grows, his learning needs also to grow and our toy range also keeps continuously growing so that you save money, space and time and that too at a very affordable price.

How It All Started

Junior's Club has been started by Ruchira Shah with a primary purpose of giving knowledge and enriching the young minds, Ruchira got fascinated with all of the products and knowledge that can be found in practically everywhere you look, most of which were not properly spread out to the children. This is why she thought of a good way on how she will be able to spread the knowledge and provide educational benefit right from an early age. This is when she started conceptualizing the creation of a toy and book library.

How it Works

  • Sign up at our library
  • Choose plan as per your requirement
  • Select products as per your wish
  • Enjoy Toys, Puzzles, Books, CDs and Games
  • Return them
  • • To read more about how it works, click here

Why rent it from Junior's Club

  • It saves your money, time and space
  • Educate and entertain your child with wide range of Toys, Games, Books CDs and more variety.
  • Resources for school projects
  • Test toys to see if your child likes them before buying them
  • Children get bored with new toys in few days, and it is not always possible for parents to buy new ones often

A Heaven for All Kids

Junior's Club is a place where kids as young as 1 year old to 12 years of age will be able to find heaven specially created for them. Junior's Club has a large collection of books and toys. Here kids can choose from more than 3500 books and over 2500 toys, games and VCDs. Junior's Club collection has been carefully chosen, all toys and books of which are branded clean and safe for kids. These collections have also been specifically created in order to ignite the imagination of kids and teach them how to be caring, creative and responsible, traits that they will undoubtedly bring with them even as they grow older. Junior's Club collections are always updated by innovative and new products that come from India as well as the international market in order to pave the way development of knowledge of children.

Junior's Club firmly believes that all kids deserve to be given equal care, attention and love. Here in Junior's Club, children will be able to find the things that will give them fun and excitement, and the same time, they will also be thought with worthy and helpful ideas that will help in order to mold them into better children. Through the help of Junior's Club, children will be able to learn everything they need to, and while doing so, they will also know the true meaning of fun!