Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of terms of use

Terms & Conditions - Please read & accept terms & conditions.

Payment & Security Deposit,
  1. All cheque payments must be made in the name of “Junior's Club”
  2. All payments to be made at the time of the membership taken. If there would be any delay in the payment we are authorised not to issue toys for that week until you do the payment and that days would be counted in a month.
  3. We will return the deposit amount by Cheque ONLY after one week of intimation of closure of account. We will neither give cash nor give Bank transfer of Security deposit.
  4. Library membership cannot be transferred to other relative member.
  5. Payment receipt would be delivered in electronic form. If you require hard copy, please inform staff about it.
  6. Outdoor toys will be charged Extra and not included in the Plan. Amount paid other than deposit will not be refunded in any case. However Junior’s Club is authorised to deduct dues or damage charges from security deposit for lost or damage item.
  7. Any changes in Terms & Conditions and Charge Structure would be applicable to all the new and old clients from its effective date.
Working Days
  1. All books and toys and other article have to be returned within 7 working days of the library and renewal of the same toys should be informed prior and cannot be done beyond a week. We will give only 1 day grace from allotted day. Products kept beyond one week will be re-issued for next week and would be counted in your month. Product taken from particular outlet should be returned within that outlet only. We shall not accept other outlet products at our center.
  2. We count month as per product per week and we count month as 4 weeks. If your 4 weeks will get over than your month gets over. Incase month has 5 weeks than also your plan gets over as per 4 weeks.
  3. Products kept beyond the period of 30 days would be counted as a product used, therefore, full month rent has to be paid. If product kept beyond your expiry of plan, then also rent should be paid according to weeks or months until its return date.
  4. Some toys and large articles will be charged extra per week basis.
Break, Damage & Violation
  1. Break System
    • 1 Month – No Break allowed
    • 3 Months – 2 Weeks Break allowed
    • 6 Months - 4 Weeks (1 month ) allowed
  2. If you will take break more than allotted break time, than your week will be counted as a part of your scheme and no refund of a week would be given back.
  3. Breaks which are not taken in earlier plans will not be carried forward further on.
  4. If you wish to take break than it is necessary to intimate staff and it is compulsory to return the toys at the time of taking break. If there is no intimation from your side and you do not return the products, than products will be reissued for that period and we would not count it as break.
  5. Please count no. of pieces of our articles at the time of delivery & check the product. No call will be entertained once the product is out of the library.
  6. Incomplete product will get repeated for the next week to find the missing piece and would be counted as a product for a next week and you can take 2 new product and have to continue with incomplete product as a 3rd product.
  7. Damaged/ Lost/Torn/Broken/Incomplete/twisted product will be charged the original cost of the product without any depreciation. (On Original Cost). For any damage product we will charge Minimum Rs. 100/- per piece. We will consider pieces/damage condition and charge accordingly. Puzzles and concept toys like alphabet, numbers would be charged as a whole product for missing piece. For matching concept products (Pairing), charges would be calculated on missing piece + connected piece.
  8. A product that needs to be replaced/ fixed shall be done solely by Junior's Club and the cost will be incurred by the member.
  9. The members have to pay the damage charges at the time of damage of the product. If you fail or disagree to pay damage, then Junior’s Club have all the rights to cancel the membership at any point of time & not liable to refund any amount of rent paid earlier.
  10. If however, if we deem that the toy has been mistreated or misused and damage has therefore been caused or if the damage renders the item unusable, the member will be charged for the cost of replacement or repair for the item.
  11. In case of determining the damage of the articles of Junior's club our decision is final and we expect cooperation from you.
  12. Please use library resources with utmost care realising the value and importance of these teaching aids for your children. Your co-operation is expected.
  13. We, as Junior’s Club is not liable to show any inventory invoice to any client or other than any client or other than client in case of damage of product.
  14. Member who fails to return product within 45 days after plan term, than the product would be considered as damage and no deposit would be refunded.
  15. Product kept beyond term period (AFTER THE PLAN EXPIRY), than member is liable to pay extra charges for weeks used as per plan taken. If member disagrees to pay the charges, than we are authorised to deduct amount from deposit or keep the full deposit.
  1. Termination of membership from library should be mentioned in writing 1 week prior to your last week of your plan & only than the security deposit will be returned to members. Members will get security deposit by cheque after 1 week from closure application.
  2. In case of cancellation in the middle of the term where your amount is paid in advance by you, the amount will not be refundable to you but refundable deposit will be refunded after 1 week of your closure application.
  3. In case of any issue or disagreements with members, Junior’s club reserves all the rights to cancel the membership at any point of time & refuse to provide any services.
  4. We, as Junior’s Club reserve the right to refuse to provide service to New/ Old client, at any point of time.
  5. In case of hard copy of deposit receipt, please reserve the deposit receipt until your membership expires. No refund will be given without deposit receipt. Once you decide to discontinue, the deposit amount has to be picked up within the span of 2 months from the date of closure application. We will not be responsible after that. We will not issue cheque again beyond extended period.
  6. You will be liable to pay your pending dues before closing your account. We are authorized to deduct dues from your security deposit paid.
  7. Please note we reserve rights to amend and add to the above culture.
  8. In case of disputes between parties, shall be governed by and determined in accordance with Ahmedabad Jurisdiction with appointment of arbitrator by each party.